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Genuine Trenbolone Acetate UK - By Magnus Pharmaceutical. Pharmacy grade Tren Ace over the counter.

10ml x 100mg/ml

Advanced Cycle : 1mlx100mg ED (every day) Basic Cycle : 1mlx100mg EOD (every 2 days) Can Go Single : Yes but should with Testosterone Can Go With : Test, Dbol,Avar,Adrol etc Cutting : Yes/High Drug Name : Trenbolone Acetate Manufacturer : Magnus Pharmaceuticals Mass Gains : High PC Start : 2 days after last shot Package : 10ml x 100mg / ml Purpose : very fast lean mass and strengt gains Strength Gains : High Type : Injectable Steroid Water Retention : none/little

Product Description

Buy genuine Trenbolone Acetate in UK. This Tren Ace by magnus Pharma is over the counter, real Trenbolone steroid. Now available online with PayPal payment. You can also buy Tren UK with debit or credit card. Be fast and get next delivery shipping when buying Trenbolone Magnus Pharma.

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Trenbolone UK is genuine Trenbolone Acetate. Made by Magnus Pharmaceuticals. Tren is 5 times more potent than Testosterone Hormone. It makes it the strongest injectable steroid wit almost none water retenetion.