Buy Dianabol 50mg UK

Buy Dianabol 50mg UK

Buy genuine Dianabol 50mg. This is 100 tablets of real Methandienone hormone called Dianabo, D-bol, Metanabol. Each tablet has 50mg of steroid.

Advancec Cycle : 50mg ED Basic Cycle : 30mg ED Can Go Single : yes but why ? :) Can Go With : Any other Test based injectable Cutting : not really (max dose 20mg/day) Drug Name : Methandienone Mass Gains : medium/high PCT Start : next day after last tablet Package : 100 x 50mg tablets Purpose : mass/strength gains Type : Oral Steroid Water Retention : medium/high (overdosed)

Product Description

100 x 50mg Dianabol 50mg tablets. Ready for sale in UK. Buy genuine Dianabol 50mg in UK with card or PayPal. This is pharmacy grade Magnus Pharma D-bol (Methandienone) steroid. 100 tablets. Each tablet contain 50mg of genuine Dianabol steroid.

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